Euan Reid

Who is Euan Reid?

Just this guy, you know? Okay, presumably if you're looking here you want a little more detail. I'm a technical leader and software engineer; previously at Plaido, Phoenix Labs, and Cloudreach amongst others; and a Software Engineering alumnus of the University of Edinburgh. My primary areas of focus these days are video games, backend systems, serverless, and big data. Previously I've spent ample time on SEO, mobile app development, web, hyperscaling, infosec, data privacy, and cloud computing in general.

In my spare time, my primary hobbies are tabletop roleplaying -- think Dungeons & Dragons et al - and video games. I also take part in collaborative creative writing, occasional solo writing, and experimenting with cocktails.

Otherwise, I enjoy singing and cooking, and formerly competed at the student national level in archery. Wall climbing and karate are other sportier activities I've previously participated in but have sadly let lapse. I do manage to get to the gym fairly regularly though.

In Short

Tech leader, software engineer, roleplayer, gamer, gym-goer, writer, geek.