Euan Reid

Websites! Recipes! Exclamation Marks!

This sub-site forms a little hub for various projects I’ve been working on – most are code-related in some way, but not all. Poke around, try things out, and if you have thoughts you want to share hop on over to the Contact page.


I’m something of a cocktail aficionado and come up with my own from time to time. After thorough taste testing, assuming they pass muster, I share the recipes here. Enjoy responsibly.

  • Blackberry-Sloe Sour
    A twist on a classic, this berry-forward drink has a pleasantly sticky sweetness but remains surprisingly refreshing.
  • Typhoon
    Illegal to serve in most bars around the globe due to its extremely high alcohol content, the Typhoon is “like a Dark and Stormy but far more dangerous” – and one of the most delicious things I’ve ever drunk.


I’ve been making websites since before I was a teenager, so that’s unlikely to stop any time soon. Some are serious, some silly. All are made by me.

    This site is something I’ve been working on on-and-off for over a decade – originally under the moniker – through various iterations and complete rewrites.
  • Phoenix Roleplaying
    A play-by-post roleplaying forum I build and maintain tech for.
  • SWTOR Characters
    A little website of bio pages for SWTOR characters some friends and I play.