Euan Reid

Programs! Websites! Exclamation Marks!

This sub-site forms a little hub for various projects I've been working on - most have a basis of coding, but where some are desktop applications, other are web-based, and yet others don't have any code-basedness to them! Feel free to have a poke around and try things out.

Desktop Apps


  • (formerly
    Ok, it's cheating somewhat to list it, but this entire site is something I've been working on-and-off on for... years now, through various iterations and complete rewrites.
  • Phoenix Roleplaying
    A play-by-post roleplaying forum I maintain the technical side of. Currently planning new code to replace the existing boards.
  • SWTOR Characters
    A little website of SWTOR characters I and friends play. Given a fondness for roleplaying, bio pages seemed like a fun idea.