Euan Reid

Once Upon A Time...

Roleplaying is the act of being a character in a world. It’s a fun form of escapism, especially in the colder winter months. Much has been written about roleplaying elsewhere, some of which is well worth reading – I particularly enjoy The Angry GM’s work.


As a regular GM, I keep finding situations where a published system doesn’t quite do what I want it to. So I create a homebrew replacement. Occasionally this will be a well-planned system, other times an alternative calculation method, and sometimes just a quick hack I find myself using repeatedly.

  • Challenge Rating
    Made initially for Dungeons & Dragons, but the principles transfer well to other games. A method of calculating an NPC’s HP, AC, to-hit, and average damage so as to provide the PCs with an appropriately challenging encounter more consistently than the in-built CR system.